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Journal of Arid Land Studies

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International Conferences

 The conferences have been a great source of learning for researchers from the relevant countries who contributed their knowledge, technology and participated in the very productive working groups.

However, the issues of desertification still remain a global concern, requiring continued and expanding research to negate the consequences.   The previous conferences have often focused on technological aspects of desertification in arid regions. Based on previous experiences and accomplishments, we offer an opportunity to participate in the comprehensive discussions, the presentation of research projects including natural, technological, and human sciences towards overcoming constraints of desertification.

 The conference welcomes researchers associated with deserts and arid regions with diverse aspects of arid science, including natural science and the humanities.





International Desert Council (IDC)

IDC is a permanent committee to organize the future plan of DT/ ICALs (Desert Technology/ International Conference on Arid Land).

Members of IDC (2020):
Chair of IDC : T
. Morio (Japan)

B. Payne (USA), F. Watanabe (Japan), H. A. El-Shemy (Egypt), H. S. Gehlot (India), K. Toderich (Uzbekistan), H. Toyoda (Japan), M. Abu-Zreig (Jordan), R. Harper (Australia), S. Kumar (India), S. Shimada (Japan), S. Sinha (India), S. Suzuki (Japan), T. Davis (USA), T. Kojima (Japan), Y. Abe (Japan), Y. Kawabata (Japan), Y. Sakai (Japan)



日本沙漠学会2023年 第34回学術大会開催(5/27-28)について



学会誌《沙漠研究編集業務について 2018/4/1


学会事務の一部を外部委託することになりました 2016/8/2


学会誌「沙漠研究」Vol25 (2015)~ J-STAGE公開
"Journal of Arid Land Studies" is open to public  from vol. 25 (2015) via J-STAGE





Kosa blowing over the East China Sea from the mainland China. ©NASA
Kosa blowing over the East China Sea from the mainland China. ©NASA